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Coffee plantation in Ilocos Norte brings in huge income

Coffee plantation in Ilocos Norte brings in huge income

Laoag City (CNN Philippines) — Sitio Lammin of Barangay Dupitac in Piddig town is considered the “Little Baguio” of Ilocos Norte.

With its year-round cold weather, Lammin, which is an Iluko term for “cold,” makes it a haven for hikers and nature lovers.

But when the local government turned it into a coffee plantation in 2014, it has become a spring of economic development in the eastern part of the province.

According to Piddig Mayor Eddie Guillen, they planted Arabica coffee in a 500-hectare area while Robusta, Liberica and Elcelsa varieties were planted in a 1,000-hectare area in Lammin.

Guillen said they were able to plant at least 800 coffee trees per hectare and per coffee tree can produce at least 1 kilo per year.

“With this rate of production, each family helping in the planting and growing of the coffee trees brings home at least P160,000 per year,” he disclosed.

At present, the coffee project in Lammin is expected to produce 2,000 tons of coffee valued at P175 million per year, saving the country from spending more than $4 million in coffee importation.

“The multiplier effect will be around P400 million per year to the economy of Ilocos Norte,” Guillen added.

He added that when the Lammin project reaches its full development, it will create more than 2,000 full-time jobs with a total household income of at least P100 million a year.

“Aside from their income, the workers are also given proper health care and other benefits,” he said.

By Jorge Guerrero, for CNN Philippines

Source Link: http://cnnphilippines.com/regional/2015/07/30/Coffee-plantation-Ilocos-Norte-huge-income.html

Image Source: http://www.mb.com.ph/ilocos-norte-to-have-largest-coffee-farm-in-northern-luzon/

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