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More goats needed, supply still very short

More goats needed, supply still very short

We had a very enlightening conversation with Dr. Jovita Datuin when we attended the technology forum and product exhibits of the Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR) at the SM Megamall last August 8.

Dr. Datuin is the chief of the Research Division of the Department of Agriculture in Region 1 based in San Fernando City, La Union. She is the lady who headed the goat production project in Region 1 which developed improved technologies in production. The project called RED or Rural Enterprise Development won the Gold Award (first prize) given by the BAR.

She revealed that the improved technologies have significantly helped many goat farmers produce more goats that are bigger and more healthy. The problem is that goat meat is so popular, more animals are being slaughtered than what are being produced. As of now, goat population nationwide stands at 3.9 million. It has not increased because the extraction rate exceeds production, according to Dr. Datuin.

At any rate, BAR has provided a R10-million to fund a Community-based Participatory Action Research (CPAR) that is being implemented in two towns, particularly Sta. Maria in Ilocos Sur and San Jacinto in Pangasinan. Hopefully, this will somehow help increase goat population in the country.

With the fund of P5 million in each town, they will be producing slaughter goats as well as breeders. The participating farmers will be adopting the improved techniques developed under the RED project.

Aside from animal production, the new thrust includes the development of new products for commercialization. One product is about ready for commercialization. This is the Chevon Floss or minced goat’s meat that is dried. Why dried? So it will keep longer, according to Dr. Datuin. We tasted a sample of the product and it should become a winner. It tastes good whether it is spicy or not. Beer drinkers will love to have it. But it could also be eaten as a regular dish.

Another processed product under development is Chevon Sisig in a pouch. It is also a promising product that could compete with other processed foods in the market.

ANOTHER GRANT – Dr. Datuin also received a P1 million grant from DA-BAR as a reward for the Gold Award given by BAR for the RED project. This is being used to develop goat technology for commercialization in Region 1. The project is being implemented in three towns in Pangasinan, namely Balungao, Bayambang and Manaoag. The project has provided so far 30 breeder goats to beneficiaries so they can accelerate goat production.

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TOPNOTCHER FROM DMMMSU – Julius Caesar Amoyen is the topnotcher in the Agriculturist Licensure Examination given last June by the Board of Agriculture headed by Dr. Fortunato A. Battad.

Amoyen who is a product of the Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University in Bacnotan, La Union, got a rating of 87 percent. He led the 1,888 successful examinees out of a total of 6,080 takers.

The successful examinees took their oath at the Manila Hotel last August 10. We were invited to share some of the success stories that we have written about in our work as agricultural journalist.

Of course we congratulated the successful passers and told them that their passing is an important asset that could help them achieve success. It is just like a capital that can be nurtured if used positively or it could simply dissipate without any positive action.

Among the good traits of successful agri-people is that they have focus. Once they have selected a project, their attention is well focused passionately on that project. They also have discipline. They set their own guideline and strictly abide by it. Successful agri-people know how to save and how to invest their saving so their money will earn more money for them.

Of course, successful people are hard workers. They don’t procrastinate and they take calculated risks. They are not afraid to fail because failure often provides valuable lessons. Most of all, successful agri-people have business sense. We gave them concrete examples of successful agri-people and their creative strategies.

Published on Manila Bullentin (August 12, 2015) by Zac Sarian

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